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Fun & Varied training for people ALL FITNESS LEVELS. All sessions are fully planned and organised. Our trainers are certified on our boot camp programs. 

What you will find at Boot It is a down to earth atmosphere. Everybody is there for the same reason. To get fit. There is something about group training and experiencing the elements that makes things very real. If you aren't to outdoor type. Good news. We go indoors for winter in plenty of our 20+ locations.

DITCH THE GYM - Boot It works better. You might not think that group circuit training is for you, but you will become addicted. When that happens getting to your goals is EASY!
Ditch the GYM
If the gym hasn't worked for you in the past chances are it won't this time either. It's time for CHANGE. 

Perhaps you are over treadmills, chest press machines and dumbbells. If you want to push past any plateau Boot It is scaled to go hardcore. It's completely up to you. 

The reason Boot It Fitness works is that we are DIFFERENT to the rest of the crowd. 

Our environment is down to earth, inclusive and personal. Your trainer will get to know your name and your specific goals. 

If time permits you might want to come on a group hike or obstacle challenge. Boot It people like to express their health and fitness gains through outdoor pursuits. 

From DAY 1 we started with the aim to train people of ALL FITNESS LEVELS together. 

We achieve this through a time-based program. You will work at your level, doing exercises that are safe and effective for you.

When you train in a group, you are carried along by a wave of energy. Have you ever noticed that times goes faster when training with friends?  

As you become consistent with your training we will scale you into harder activities and you will become SUPER FIT

At Boot It we have achieved outstanding results for our Boot It Members.

We have received literally hundreds of testimonials and 5-Star ratings from people who we have changed their life with our program.

We didn't start Boot It to be celebrity trainers and make a shit ton of cash. We made boot it because we hated what we say from big box gyms. They don't give a shit about you at all. The franchise owners don't even set foot in the door on most occasions. 

Our boot camps are run by dedicated owner operators who have done the hard yards. They are all put through an intensive boot camp certification by Mark & John. 

Cindy Rupa says:

Great inspirational trainers giving their heart and soul to help you. Lovely down to earth team to train with - what more could you want!

It's great having lost the weight and fitting into my old clothes and feeling fitter and great but the best news ever was my doctor texting this week to say my blood test results were "excellent" ! - Boot it and MBT have given me results I honestly never believed were possible

Ellie Callard says:

I have been going to Boot It for almost three years and can't stress enough how awesome it is. I'd previously gone to gyms but either the repetitiveness or loneliness would eventually get to me and I gave up. Boot It couldn't be more different to this with the workouts being very motivating, varied and effective and the people (trainers and other members) very supportive. I've never been as fit as I am now and Boot It is definitely to thank for that.

Nathan Muirhead says:

A fantastic way to get fit, keep motivated and train in a varied way. I've been going for about two years and have attended some of the events on the side such as the climb up Taranaki, running the Tongariro Crossing and participated in their regular gradings. The community is fantastic as it is full of people who want to get fit and have a good time!

Rebecca Patel says:

I have been going to bootit for over a year now and can't imagine not going!! I am definitely fitter and faster, with such a fantastic supportive fun environment. Mark and Johnny are fantastic people who genuinely love what they do and are 100% behind you. Well done bootit xx

James Bichan says:

Great trainers, great locations, great variety of sessions (both times and exercises). I've been going to the Boot It guys for over a year and what keeps me coming back is that fitness has become a side effect of a great social environment. Our classes have a variety of people with a variety of fitness levels and we all get a great workout. Love it and would highly recommend Boot It to everyone :)
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